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    I’ve watched the videos, and created an account, but before I start testing it out too much, I’m trying to understand if there’s a way to make templates that include multiple pages with this generator. Or is it only useful for single page sites? So I can see how it would work for a Home page, and my understanding is that if you create blog posts it would use the header and footer on those, but what about separate pages for About Us, or Contact, etc?

    I’ve done all my websites in Muse up to this point, and I’ve got two WordPress sites in progress that are driving me crazy with trying to customize the way I could with Muse. I’m trying to figure out the multi-page thing because I’m trying to figure out whether it would be better for me to purchase a subscription to the converter or to the themesgenerator, at least for right now.



    Hello, thanks for posting 🙂

    If you want to create any kind of site, you could give Themes Generator a try.

    In Themes Generatyor you will create a homepage, with separated header and footer. The header and footer will be shared between all your internal WordPress POST and PAGES.

    You can easily create internal pages in WordPress after installing your theme, you just need to create a new PAGE in WordPress and add it to the MENU.

    If you want, you can install a free page layout builder plugin like SiteOrigin to give your contact, about us, etc pages a better look & feel (you will design only the content between header and footer of that pages directly in WordPress).

    You can find some help about everything in our free WordPress visual design course:

    I hope it helps!



    You can also use the prebuilt blocks from siteorigin for your internal pages, they look nice

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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