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    I created a theme yesterday. Uploaded it for testing and had no problems. I modified it in ThemeGenerator today, uploaded it, and again had no problems. I made a few more edits, again, in ThemeGenerator, now every time I upload it I receive a popup message as follows: “please, upgrade to a premium account to remove TG credits”. I’ve made no edits to the source files nor made any attempts to remove the TG credits.

    The following is in site-info.php:

     * Displays footer site info
    <div class="site-info-tgen">
    	Built with <a href="" title="Wordpress Themes Online Builder">WP Themes Generator</a>
    </div><!-- .site-info -->

    Any help diagnosing this bug would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I’ve wasted two days using ThemesGenerator. Thanks, in advance!



    If you modify anything on that file you will receive the credits warning.
    If that msg appeared without modifying anything there, you can share with us your exported .txt design so we can check the problem.
    Thank you, kind regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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