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    correct me if this is already available

    Client side

    1. Where can we add google analytics and other codes?

    it would be better for our clients to give options to add their codes on head,body.

    2. How can We change the color of the footer that we added after the footer separator?

    3. There are only two footer widget section. how can i add more than two?.

    Developer side

    1. Like theme author settings it will be good if you add tgm plugin activation options during the creation of the themes.




    Thanks for your feedback and great suggestions.

    Client side:

    1. You are right, we will probably add a custom code box in the Customizer in the next update.
    2. You should be able to change it in TG like any other block, using Decorations -> Background color. Notice that you need to do this over the main parent of the footer.
    3. As you say, there is only 2 sections now. Do you think that a max of 4 columns would be enough? We do not want to give users a lot of freedom here, since some newbies can “destroy” a beauty design using a lot of widgets or wrong settings.

    Dev side:

    1. Have you tried the slideshow block? We are using it there. We plan to use the same method for future blocks integrated like plugins (ie Contact Form 7) or even for some default recommended plugins.



    We have added the tracking code box, please, check:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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