How to add a stylish section separator to your WordPress theme

There are many ways to divide the different sections of your WordPress theme. It is very common to see a title and some text below at the beginning of each section, so you can easily identify where it begins. Another way is to add a colored background or an image background to a section so you can visually see it. This usually works very well when you cleverly combine colors and right now, you will probably see lots of websites using this technique.

There is no rule that tells us how we must divide our sections. We just have to think what looks best, how will users identify each section and how it will fit the design of our theme. We have thought about this in Themes Generator and we found the need to add a new block called Section separator, a block that will divide each section in an elegant way. It works like other blocks, just drag it into your workspace and place it wherever you want!

This block has 6 different types (circle, triangle, diagonal, etc.) and you can select a normal or inverted orientation. These blocks are made of two shapes that you can color, so it will match the background of your site/section. If you want a big diagonal line, you can bring up the size to 120 px, but if you want something smaller, bring the size down.

You can check the demo of our Premium Agency template, where you can see that each section uses this Section Separator block in a clean and neat way.

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