How to place a background image to a header in WordPress using Themes Generator.

You can now create modern looking WordPress themes using the Header & Background block. By adding this block, you can insert a background image to the header. Modern designs use this type of layouts instead of separating the header (which usually contains the logo and the navigation menu) from the rest of the site. Use your creativity and design clean, smart and stylish WordPress themes.

Drag the block into your Themes Generator workspace. As it’s a pre-built block, tablet and mobile view have been already pre-styled. You can customize it too until it fits your own design, so you will save lots of time! Notice that the block already includes the header separator and the navbar.

To change the background image, you must select the container of the header (the container on top of the header separator) and in the style manager, click on Decorations – Backgrounds and change the image inside the layer. You will need to repeat this step again with the container below the header separator. You will see how both images merge into one. Using this block, you will get this header with a background image in a few seconds!

Once you export your site into WordPress, you can change the background image in WordPress – Customize. In the Backgrounds tab, you will find the option to change this image background.

Watch the tutorial for more detailed steps.

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