How to design and set up your blog in your WordPress homepage with Themes Generator

Your site’s homepage is the window to your site. You need to design an eye-catching homepage to encourage users to stay on your site. If you have built your site on WordPress and you have a blog, you can show your recent posts on your homepage to drive more traffic.

This sections has to look as good as the rest of the sections on your home. When you build your WordPress site in Themes Generator, you can add a latest posts block and style it as you need. Here is how you do it:

  1. In Themes Generator, find the Latest posts block in the Basic tab. Drag it into your workspace and place it where you want. In this tutorial, we have placed 3 Latest posts blocks in 3 different places on the site.
  2. Export your theme and install it into WordPress.
  3. In WordPress – Customize you can find all the styling options. We will show different categories in two blocks, and show all categories in the third block.
  4. In WordPress customizer, you will be able to select the font color and size, the thumbnail size, the number of posts you want to show and many other options.

With the Latest Posts block, you will have more control over the design of this feature. Watch the tutorial for more detailed instructions.

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