How to add a menu in WordPress with Themes Generator and style it

Themes Generator is constantly improving and adding new features. Since it was launched in August 2018, new premium themes have been added, we made with Smart Slider 3 and Meta Slider, and, you can now build your e-Commerce theme as Themes Generator is now compatible with WooCommerce.

We have updated and improved the navbar. Now it is more powerful and easier to use. In this tutorial we will show you how to use it:

When you design your WordPress theme, drag the navbar block into your workspace. You will see that you don’t have any styling options in the editor anymore as you will only need to place it wherever you want in your theme. Once you export it and install it into your WordPres, you will be able to style it.

If you preview your site, you will see the first steps that you need to follow in the section where you have placed the navbar. Go to Customize and select the menu you want to show as a top menu.

To style your menu, go to Customize – Menu styles and all the styling options will display. You can change the text color, background color, you also have hover options, letter spacing, shadow, and opacities. We have added all the Themes Generator fonts and Google fonts so you have more options to style your theme.

Watch the tutorial for more detailed steps

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