Design as many WordPress page templates as you want in Themes Generator

In Themes Generator you can design infinite WordPress page templates. In this post, you will learn how to do this step by step, but if you need extra help, you can find more detailed steps in the video tutorial.

  1. Drag out the Extra page template and place it on your workspace.
  2. Place all the elements inside the blue container. Don’t worry about the blue container, it will disappear once you export your site into WordPress.
  3. Inside the blue container, you will find a page template content that is optional. This is a dynamic block that will show the content of each page.
  4. Once you are done, export your theme and install it in WordPress.
  5. Create a Page in WordPress backend and in Page Attributes, select the page template. Depending on the number of page templates that you create, it will appear as “Page template 1, Page template 2, Page template 3…”
  6. Add your content inside the WordPress text editor and preview the page.
  7. Create another page and choose the template that you want to apply in Page Attributes.
  8. You can change the color of the text inside the WordPress text editor.
  9. You can choose the show or hide the page title in WordPress page backend.
  10. Change the color of the title in Customize – Main Settings

Watch the tutorial for more detailed steps.


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