Design different footers across your WordPress pages and posts

In this post, you will learn how to display different footers in WordPress using Themes Generator. You can do this by using the Extra footer block that you can find in the Extra tab in Themes Generator. Follow these steps to create as many footers in WordPress as you want:

  1. Place the Extra Footer block into your workspace. To keep your theme neat, place it at the bottom of your theme, near your main footer.
  2. Put all the footer elements inside the green container. This yellow color will disappear once you export your theme into WordPress. You can also add your own background color.
  3. Edit this block in tablet and mobile view. Export and install into WordPress.
  4. Once in WordPress, go to Customize – Extra footer 1 and select in which pages/posts you want to show this extra footer. You must click on Publish and close the customizer to view the changes.

You can add as many extra footers as you want. Note that in WordPress, the extra footers will be named extra footer 1, extra footer 2, and so on. Design as many Extra footers as you want in Themes Generator and later in WordPress select where you want to show which.

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